I engage with clients daily. I engage with people daily. They often tell me how positive I am and wander if I ever have any problems. Little do they know. Little do they know how I lay awake every night thinking about the one person who I care for so deeply, who I know is struggling, and cannot help because there is a wound she has not yet healed. 

It pains me every day how much I miss her. Little do they know how much difficult Ramadan is. How I have to struggle to go to the night prayer. Paralysed in fear that is not mine. Not everything is as it seems. Behind every smile there is a story, and often one with varying nuances. We live in a world littered in superficial smiles. The Instagram world. Filtered to perfection, or the distorted perception of it. People are so afraid to go deep. They fear feeling anything. So they go through life numbing their pain. Masking their struggles with distractions. It’s easier to live a lie than to honour their truth. The truth they have imprisoned in a blanket of fear. Little do they know if they step into the light of God they will meet redemption. The only true light that basks in the freedom of your purpose and let’s you honour your authenticity. We all have choices, some feel safe yet burden us later. Sone feel scary but emancipate us later. When in doubt, dive. He will catch you. He always does. Or remain trapped in your own prison.


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