The sunrise

We are all struggling with something in our lives. Some of us go through our days, facing the world with a smile, and often the closest to us do not know of the storm encircling us. There are days when we feel confused and broken, and wonder if the trial we have to endure will meet its end. It takes one moment, even the uttering of a single word that sets a spark to the issue and we feel crippled and burdened. We feel soaked by the weight of the pain we are living, every single day. In this period, It is easy to lose hope and remain fallen. You are tired, drained and destitute. You feel although no one understands the heavy heart you carry. So you withdraw. You think it’s better to stay quiet and silently suffer.
With every setting of the sun you are reminded of the darkness that envelopes, but there *is* a reminder of hope. In the signs of the sunrise, we understand that darkness is not permanent. Yes there are periods when you feel like the sun will never rise. But eventually it does, and when it does, it displays such beauty it leaves you in awe. The sunrise is your chance at a new day, honour the battle scars marked within you, but also the light that is waiting to be let in. Nothing is permanent, not even your sadness.
Light can come in many forms. Sometimes in the friend who holds you as you cry into their arms, sometimes it arrives in kind words, simple gestures and moments. You just have to recognise them. Shift your focus to the light at dawn. Shift your focus, knowing you are being remade, stronger and more resilient than ever. This is not the end, this is your path to Jannah (paradise), just one day closer than the last. You are a superhero, and with every lash and cut, is a call from your heart to fight harder until you are free. In the signs of the sunrise, you rise.

The Runners.


People often go through life running, running from problems, as soon as they face a difficulty in a relationship, it is highlighted as a ‘red flag’ and they do everything to run away from it. From themselves. They don’t want to deal with it, so they run. They do this for years. Blaming, judging, being reckless in many shades, not realizing how unfair they are being with others and most importantly themselves. It takes a deep sense of self love and believing in your own “enoughness” to step into valleys of possibility and adventure. It takes courage to face yourself and honor your accountability.

Meet each situation with justice. When you are faced with a dilemma and something makes you uncomfortable, your response may be to lash out or withdraw. In that moment, ask yourself, are you being fair to the situation or carrying the weight of a past pain to it. Is the person deserving of such a weight that did not belong to them? If no, than make peace with your past. Make peace with the wounds you keep opening. Let go and forgive and embrace this new chapter with hope to succeed. Heal and grow.

Often times we have good thing in front of us yet we seek a love that is foreign, admiring the grass seen from afar. Know that seldom is the grass actually greener on the other side. Know the power of your focus, when you focus on something, it grows, and it can either grow into a wall that suffocates you or blossom into a tree, each branch more beautiful than the one before.

Do not deny your hearts attempt to heal from a love that is present. Do not deny yourself the chance to make a beautiful connection so raw that it shakes you up and shames the devil, who forever reminds you of your failures. This is a story of truth. Recognizing the truth in our lives and being a runner towards truth often manifests in beautiful ways. People often go through life running, each having a choice, ask yourself, are running to connect or running to hide?

The light in the storm

A little over a year ago I was living away from my home, and because of a personal circumstance, I felt like I was in the eye of my storm and on this particular day it was raging. I felt depleted, crippled and broken. As I lay in bed and I hear a knock on the door. Someone who I cared about deeply sent me this package, it contained one of my favourite things; ice cream. It was one of the sweetest gestures. This person knew I was not well and soothed my heart (and stomach) with a simple act of kindness.

Allah says in the Quran, “indeed with hardship there is ease” (94:6).

Indeed. My trial did not end that day, however I found comfort in my ease. That moment, that person, the other people who were there for me. I felt the mercy of Allah nourish me. When someone in going through a something, one of the best ways to show you care is to “show up”. Be present. Even if you cannot be present due to distance, you can still make your presence felt. Emotionally. That’s how we build connection. We lean in when it matters.

Sometimes people may leave our lives for different reasons but it is always important to remember the blessings they bought with them. In psychology It is said when you focus on something, it grows. Focus on the light and it will grow, and when it does, it will illuminate the darkest crevices of your life.

My Rea Sea


Imagine a pearl necklace, each pearl connected to the next. This story is as such, each account connecting with another, forming a story, albeit one still unfolding. In 2015 something happened to me that made me confront a lot of my deepest fears, I felt overwhelmed by the test God had given me, and even though I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, my heart could. So my heart hugged my soul and together we dived. That is the thing about life. Sometimes life is so uncertain and we struggle with attaining certainty when we need control. We need to understand where we are going. If we do not, we feel helpless, defeated or confused. I was tried with something that made me lose control of the faculty most take for granted, my body. In this realisation I pondered over the the story of my namesake, the Prophet Musa as (Moses). When Musa (as) was at the juncture of the Red Sea, he was scared, but had hope, he was unsure, but had hope. In that moment of feeling uncertain, he made a very powerful du’a (supplication), he said:

“Inna ma’iya rabbi sayahdeen”, (Truly my Lord is with me and He will guide me through 26:62).

I was now facing my own Red Sea and called out to God with the same supplication along with another* very powerful one. Having no control over my circumstance i called out to Him. When I did this, I learned an A class lesson in Tawakal (Trust in God). I came to understand when you truly place all your fears, anxieties, worries with Allah, and you dive into the His Ocean, one of two things will happen, He will either catch you, or teach you how to fly.

I flew. Realising i had wings, hidden for so long. It was very much an inward journey of love and loss, recognizing the wounds and healing from so much more.

*To be continued.

Take Two


We all romanticise over the perfect partner. Walks on the beach, late night Cold Stone Creamery cravings, skyping a movie together if you are long distance. It is almost like we expect to be Jack and Rose during the Titanic ‘flying scene’; wind blowing through our hair, hands intertwined, gazing into the sunset. Then something goes wrong, and we panic. We have this ideal scenario of how things should have gone, and any less, will just not do. The conversations that made the heart smile seem distant when the mist of fear blankets over the atmosphere.

But we forget God never intended us to be perfect, and life is not perfect. In this misdirected endeavour we hurt ourselves with these ideas. We despair at not getting what we wanted. We forget every person who is in a relationship with another, be it a family member, friend or romantic, are playing for the same team. For teams to excel they need to work together. During a test match, one player in the team may get wounded from training too less or even too much, and they crash. When this happens, they realise they need to sit out. It does not mean they do not value the team, they just need to recover. When that happens the other player may feel undervalued and then the ego speaks on behalf of the heart. In that moment, one of two things can happen, in psychology this is known as fight or flight. When the one who was hurt, maybe in so much pain from their circumstance, when the waves of Dunya are vast and overbearing. To win in a relationship when they storm hits, recognise this as their struggle, hold space for them, and acknowledge their limitations and worthiness, and together braving the storm. When humans are in pain, drained in all their faculties, it seems like the only way to keep afloat is to swim before you drown. If someone hurts you, and they love you, remember they are hurting more themselves. Life is not perfect, nor are people, forgive them and forgive yourself. If someone hurt you, tell them. If you love someone, tell them. Rectify, heal and grow.

We hide so much of the things we want to say. So much of what the heart says is left in the dark abode of fear and resentment and we go through life in pain. We may smile but our actions speak for our pain, because all pain needs a release, and just like the volcano, if you lock something up in a contained space for long, it will eventually erupt.  But we have choices. We have a choice to live in vulnerability, to tell the person whom we loved so much that they hurt us, and the thought of being vulnerable again fills our lungs with anxiety keeping us imprisoned. To the lover you lost, the friend who has now become a stranger, it is not the end. Life is so short and so very beautiful, and beauty often hides itself in shells of courage. When we live bravely, the shells break, and we own the treasures of beauty in this world. You do not want to spend your life living in regret. Yes its hurts to fall, but it hurts harder to stay there, coddling the wound. Wounds are inevitable part of life, so you have to make choices. Some choices keep us chained with fear and some emancipate us and open up us to the rebirth of something beautiful. Everyone from time inception has erred and fallen, it’s the way of man, but with every great fall is a mightier rise. Embrace the humanness in that moment of others and embrace your own. Everyone deserves a second chance, and sometimes, it is always better when you take two.

Catch you soon,




Bismillah. Ever since I was young, I have always been very curious person. I am fascinated by the world around me and how people operate, from the things they do and say, and often, the things left unsaid. This and many more reasons led me to discover my calling, what I now do for a living. I was once sent the lyrics to this song by Emile Sande titled “Read all about it”, and they resonated deeply with me. The person who sent it said when they had listened to the the song, the lyrics reminded them of me. Over time, a few people close to me, relayed the same sentiment.

“You’ve got the words to change a nation but you’re biting your tongue
You’ve spent a lifetime stuck in silence afraid you’ll say something wrong
If no one ever hears it, how we gonna learn your song
So come on come on, come on come on
You’ve got a heart as loud as lions so why let your voice be tamed
Maybe we’re a little different, there’s no need to be ashamed
You’ve got the light to fight the shadows so stop hiding it away
Come on, come on”

How amazing are those words. So essentially I am doing just that. Sharing a part of me I have kept silent for so long. My voice and my inner thoughts, from my heart and mind. I feel I have been blessed and tested with some of the most intense and often overwhelming experiences in my life, and thus they have shaped who I am, and how I interact with people. I am writing this blog for myself first and foremost. I have discovered the healing power of expression to our emotional and spiritual well-being. I hope to share some topics that fascinate me and keep my mind engaged throughout my days and nights. I spend a portion of my time reading and watching videos on thought leaders and the ideas they share and often find myself with a shared nuance of understanding. The people who inspire me are the ones who speak to my heart in all facets and hues.

The last few years have been a challenge for many reasons and also a season for so much growth and personal development. During times of great trial, from the cracks of the concrete, blossoms a flower. My writing. I was encouraged to write, and I so did, hesitantly, because it meant sharing my thoughts we so many, but it grew just like the blossoming flower, and I was asked to start a blog, so here I am. My endeavor is to write regularly, and truthfully, about what I have discovered on my journey through life, and it inspires you with hope and positivity than I would feel fulfilled. For now I write for myself, and welcome you on this adventure, put the kettle on or grab a coffee, let’s read, reflect, and grow.

Oh wait, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Musa. I am often described as an old soul, but with the energy of a pre-adolescent. Actually it’s kind of hard to describe me, because I am always breaking convention. I am probably the most spontaneous person i know. Conformity is a foreign concept to me, and I admire those who are brave enough to be their authentic selves and live life with courage and passion. I am drawn to a person with passion. More on that later. I love trees, like seriously, I am obsessed. I love nature in fact. Mountains, sunsets, the ocean and lighthouses. I absolutely love long drives, and good company. I love tea. Tea makes everything ok. Coffee. All types of cuisine, lately Thai I admire direct people, as its often said I am the same. I guess in time you will discover some things about me and I’m sure in that process I will get to meet hidden parts of myself too.

Catch you soon,