And your home.

There comes a moment in everyone’s life where they meet themselves. They encounter that person whom you meet for the first time. They put their feet on your dashboard as you drive to get breakfast and coffee to soothe a headache and drive to admire the Raleigh nature together. You see a beautiful autumn leaf but are too shy to grab it, but they read your heart and run back and pick it up for you. They give you a piece of clothing so you can use it as a prayer mat at airports. This person will break down walls, and snack your soul awake and even though you may feel like you are breaking down, you are being remade stronger and whole again. You speak in the car for hours, talking about things that keep you awake at night. Even though you are distant, you know your heart still yearns for their company because they made you feel like no other had. They occupy a space so deep, the worlds best diver would struggle to find it. You recognise their soul; it feels young and free. A familiar terrain. Beautiful moments are made when you put your heart into them, when you operate from the heart, you will always live and feel deeply. That’s what home feels like. Life has many turns and the path has many bumps and detours, but if you find yourself lost, just find that connection, and you will be home.

The sunrise

We are all struggling with something in our lives. Some of us go through our days, facing the world with a smile, and often the closest to us do not know of the storm encircling us. There are days when we feel confused and broken, and wonder if the trial we have to endure will meet its end. It takes one moment, even the uttering of a single word that sets a spark to the issue and we feel crippled and burdened. We feel soaked by the weight of the pain we are living, every single day. In this period, It is easy to lose hope and remain fallen. You are tired, drained and destitute. You feel although no one understands the heavy heart you carry. So you withdraw. You think it’s better to stay quiet and silently suffer.
With every setting of the sun you are reminded of the darkness that envelopes, but there *is* a reminder of hope. In the signs of the sunrise, we understand that darkness is not permanent. Yes there are periods when you feel like the sun will never rise. But eventually it does, and when it does, it displays such beauty it leaves you in awe. The sunrise is your chance at a new day, honour the battle scars marked within you, but also the light that is waiting to be let in. Nothing is permanent, not even your sadness.
Light can come in many forms. Sometimes in the friend who holds you as you cry into their arms, sometimes it arrives in kind words, simple gestures and moments. You just have to recognise them. Shift your focus to the light at dawn. Shift your focus, knowing you are being remade, stronger and more resilient than ever. This is not the end, this is your path to Jannah (paradise), just one day closer than the last. You are a superhero, and with every lash and cut, is a call from your heart to fight harder until you are free. In the signs of the sunrise, you rise.